Featured images

Most of the ‘featured images’ (header/banner pictures) used in my blog posts are adapted from images which have very kindly been placed in the public domain by cultural institutions from around the world. These are truly stunning images and I am very grateful to the institutions that made them available. Please see links to the original images at the foot of my blog posts.

Note on copyright

These images are released with the license ‘No Known Copyright Restrictions‘. If you are aware of any copyright restriction for any of these images, please let me know by email at

Other images

All other images are either…

  • …my own, which I hereby give consent for anyone to reuse under the terms of Creative Commons CC1 licence. Please attribute to
  • …or ones used under a Creative Commons licence, and given attribution (if necessary) within the blog post itself. Many of these are from, a great copyright-free image bank, which I highly recommend.


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